Update for 8th of July

The team is gathering again at Revadim for the 2nd week of excavation and it looks like it is going to be a great week (like the last one…).

Since I did not manage to update on the weekend, here are some things from the end of the week.

In Area D, Amit and his team have started taking out a bunch of vessels, including several complete ones. Here are some pictures of this:

In Area A1 and A2, both teams are finding a lot of materials from different periods, including complete vessels, various installations, and architecture.

In Area E, work continues on the EB levels, and a very interesting ceramic bull’s head was found on Friday.

In Area P, they have cleared away all the tons of “winter wash” that had been deposited in this area since it was last excavated and are beginning to excavate good contexts, with impressive architecture and lots of Iron I and LB pottery.

In Area F, Jeff and his team have exposed a nice Medieval surface, impressive remains of the collapse of the Crusader period walls of the Blanch Garde castle, and quite surprisingly, have already reached a 9th cent. BCE level in Upper F, most probably the continuation of the context in which we found the bone tool workshop a few years ago.

And finally, some “atmosphere pictures:

Here is a picture of our “mega-team” arriving on site early in the morning in 3 (!!!) buses:

And here is a flock of Jackdaws (Corvus Monedula), who usually hang out in the crevices in the chalk cliffs on the NW side of the tell (which BTW gives Tell es-Safi [=the pure mound] and Blanch Garde [=the white fort] its name), gathering on a electric pole near Area D to see if the team knows how to pick up the tent (which they do!)

Later on today the team is going on a field trip to Khirbet Qeiyafa – which should be very interesting!


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