Update for July 11th, 2012 – lots of finds!

Today, even though it was super hot and super humid, the team worked very hard and we had a very successful day!

Some of the highlights:

In Area F there is a long section of the foundation of the NW tower of the Crusader castle Blanche Garde – continuing a small section excavated in previous seasons. We now have a very nice section of this very impressive feature!

In Area P they are excavating several rooms with impressive LB remains (and other finds), including a very nice alabaster or gypsum bowl.

Samantha from the YU team working in Area P holding the Alabaster bowl that she just found!


In Area A1 they are excavating various features in and around the temple, including an interesting collection of shells from an as yet undefined feature.

In Area A2 they are working away at various late installations, and several early Iron and LB floors, walls and installations. Steve Weiner also tested some of the early Iron Age plaster levels in the area and there are some interesting organic residues in one location.

Area E is busy with EB and LB contexts. Also, we put the new 3D laser scanner to work and it is coming out with absolutely fantastic results!

In Area D the party is in full swing! The architecture in the large structure in which the altar was found last year is now more fully understood and we clearly have a very large and impressive building. The central room has a very impressive plaster floor which is clearly not a standard plastered feature.

Here is a view of the plaster floor towards the side of the building in which the altar was found.


In addition, all kinds of great finds came out, including:

A very nice small strainer, different from the typical strainers that we found in the past, more similar to the strainers know from LB Canaan and Egypt, various complete vessels and a complete bronze bracelet/bangle.

Here is Sofia, Will and Jennifer from the Area D team happily posing in front of a group of very nice finds!

And here is Elad, one of the BIU students working D, in front of a complete bowl and juglet that he found.


Great day, great finds and GREAT TEAM!



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