Fortification City! Update for July 12th, 2012

And yes – another great day at the dig! :-)

Today, the main theme was the very nice lines of fortifications that are being uncovered in Area F and Area P!

In Area F, Jeff and his team have uncovered a beautiful 10 m section of the outer wall of the Crusader castle (Blanche Garde/Alba Specula) and today even uncovered the joint between this wall and the tower that we had uncovered in previous seasons. All told – it is a very impressive piece of architecture – and after many years, quite satisfying to have a substantial portion of the castle’s fortification exposed!

Here is a view of the wall with some of the F team standing and smiling!


In Area P, we are also in the midst of the discovery of what looks like a very impressive fortification! As already mentioned in the last few days, the Area P team is excavating what appears to be a very large LB fortification with rooms with LB finds associated with it (including some imported LB pottery types). If in fact this is an LB fortification this is quite unique – not only in light of the fact that so few LB Canaanite sites have clear cut fortifications during this period, but in addition, those that do have, usually are reused MB ones – and there is no MB in this part of the tell. So we may have a very interesting feature, quite well-preserved – and somewhat surprising – coming out in this area!

Here’s a view, looking east, of the line of the possible LB fortification (notice the outset the 2nd square).

Here is a great picture of Erin holding a flint blade which she just discovered in Area P – right next to the LB wall!

In Area A1, Cynthia and her team are working in and around, and mainly below the Iron I temple. One of the most interesting things is the possible EB walls that are coming out in this area – most probably connected to the EB finds in Area E. More in the future!


In Area A2, Louise and her team are working on a variety of finds, including late installations and various early Iron I and LB levels and architecture.


Itzik and Haskel’s team is working primarily in EB but also in LB in Area E. Various levels of the EB III and possibly EB II are being worked on, as well as some interesting LB features (including a rather enigmatic plastered feature).

Here is a great picture of some of the Area E team during fruit break – a happy bunch!


In Area D the finds are still popping out….

This is a great picture of Ahuva, who has been a volunteer team member from the very beginning of the project, picking up a complete carinated Iron IIA bowl that she just excavated! Look at her smile!!


What a day! What finds! What a team!!!!!





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  1. arenmaeir

    So far, the materials coming from the associated contexts appears to date to later stages of the LB, but this is only a preliminary picture.


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