Update for 18/7/12

Well, today was a scorcher! It was sooo hot that it seems that we were working inside a potter’s kiln…

When we got to the tell this morning, the entire top of the site was covered in a thick fog – something that usually occurs only once or twice a season – and usually means that the rest of the day will be very hot. And in fact – that is what happened.

See here a great picture of the tell covered by fog at 5:45 this morning:

Once we got to work – great things started coming out.

In Area D, Amit and his team took out a complete jar, as well as started to uncover the hundreds of loomweights in a room next to where the altar was found last year.

Here are Paul and Ian taking out the complete vessel from the square.

And here is Stefan and Netanel, a father-son team working in D, excavating a very interesting pit found in the room with the plastered floor.

Here is a great picture of Alex and Mike in Area P, excavating a group of LB vessels, including several bowls, a complete (though in small pieces) Cypriote “Base Ring” juglet and several items, right next to the fortification which apparently dates to the LB.


In Area A2, Louise and her team found some nice stuff, including this very nice seal with pseudo-hyroglyphs:

Here is a great picture of Jo holding the seal – with Richard in the background.

Area E also had some nice finds – including a very nice small EB III juglet and very interesting feature, apparently a hearth, dating to an early phase of the EB III.

In Area F, Jeff and his team have uncovered a very nice portion of the Crusader fortification, revealed sections of the 9th and 10th centuries, and perhaps have may have the very edge of an Iron I level which will be further excavated next season.


In addition to the excavation on the site, a lot of other interesting activities are going on. This includes the very interesting work in the fauna/botany lab, where biological materials from the excavation are being processed. This includes botanical materials coming from the flotation, various finds from the sifting in the various areas, as well as the analysis of contents of vessels. Importantly, the fine sifting is providing a lot of information on microfauna on the site, including very small rodent, bird and fish bones which otherwise would be lost.

Here is a nice picture of team members in the fauna/botany lab “picking” through the sifted sediments, looking for small artifacts (whether natural or man made).


And although it was a scorcher of a day – the team worked in an astounding manner!


Great site – great finds – GREAT TEAM!



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