Update for the end of week 3 and beginning of week 4

Week three of the excavation has ended and we are about to start the 4th and final week. While some of the team has left, we will still be over 100 members for the final week. In the beginning of the week we still excavate, but then, it’s cleaning, cleaning, brushing and brushing, packing, sending things back to BIU and final photographs.

Here are some photos from the end of last week:

Here is a nice photograph of the very impressive and well-preserved group of loom weights (and other objects) in Area D, in a room right next to where the altar was discovered last year.


Here is Frank Neumann, our pollen expert, taking a sample from a very interesting plaster feature dating the LB in Area P. Frank took samples from various plaster and plaster-like features in the various areas, from various periods (LB, various stages of the Iron Age, Early Roman and Medieval). Pollen is often preserved in plaster since when the plaster is still wet, dust, which includes pollen, settles on the wet plaster and then, once dry, the pollen is often preserved. If there will be good preservation we will hopefully get a picture of the plant environment on and around the tell in the various periods.



One thought on “Update for the end of week 3 and beginning of week 4

  1. barbara stimpson

    What a sight! Finally- the loomweights ( : I miss the dig and was specially curious about the loomweights. Now what a lot of work you have done to make it look like this!!!! Wow! Great to have internet and to see a little of what is goin on. Thank you Aren, for putting fotos and text in the Internet! Wish I could have come… and hope to come digging again next year.Special greetings to Aren, Amit, Ahoova…..


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