Back to work and saying goodbye to the altar :-(

Just came back from a great vacation in Greece, where I did see some archaeological sites, but mainly vegged out big time…

While I was gone, the Safi team had to say goodbye to the great stone altar found in the 2011 season, as it was taken to be displayed in the Ashdod Art Museum (whose website, as of now, is only in Hebrew and does not deal at all with archaeology, even though they used to have a small, but very nice exhibition on the Philistines, which now will be expanded), which will turn into a region museum for the archaeology of Philistia and the Philistines. While we would have preferred it to be in the Israel Museum, it was not chosen for this…

The museum has also taken the two pillar bases from the Philistine temple in Area A at Tell es-Safi/Gath, to be included in the exhibit as well.

Here are a few pictures of the team saying a sad goodbye to the altar and it being loaded on the truck on the way to Ashdod. We will have to visit it there – so that it does not get too lonely…


Here is Amit saying his last goodbyes to the altar


Sara’s face says it all…



And here it is being loaded onto the truck.


We definitely have to find another monumental find that can fit in the empty space that we now have in the lab…




4 thoughts on “Back to work and saying goodbye to the altar :-(

  1. Well, now there’s a reason to go back to the Ashdod museum. It is a nice little museum with nice people working there, and perhaps now it will attract more attention. They had a very fine ethics exhibit on fakes and forgeries the last time I visited. Louise


    1. arenmaeir

      Right now the Philistine exhibition has been taken down but the plans for the new one are very nice. Hopefully it will be ready soon.


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