New volume(s) of the City of David final reports out!

Today, picked up a copy of volume VII of the final reports on the excavation directed by the late Yigal Shiloh in the city of David, which deals with the excavations in Area E. The publication actually consists of 3 volumes, VIIA (divided into 2 – text + plans) which discusses and presents the stratigraphy and architecture of Area E, and VIIB, which deals with the finds, was written by A. De Groot and H. Bernick-Greenberg.

These volumes are a treasure trove of great materials on the archaeology and history of Jerusalem, particularly during the Bronze and Iron Ages (but other periods as well). The finds discussed are very important for the discussion of many issues on ancient Jerusalem, since Area E was the largest area of excavation by Shiloh’s team, and had many finds.

This includes:

1) Detailed discussion of the EB finds

2) MB finds

3) LB finds

4) Extensive evidence of Jerusalem during the late Iron I and early Iron IIA. We have here, finally published, clear cut evidence of Jerusalem during the 10th-9th centuries way beyond the top of the City of David. This clearly is of importance for the discussions on the status of Jerusalem during the early Monarchy.

5) Extensive finds from the Iron IIB and IIC – including the final years of Iron Age Jerusalem.

In addition to the presentation of the finds, the authors have extensive discussions on the ramifications of the finds for understanding the history of Jerusalem during these periods, and discuss this in light of much of the scholarly discussions on this topic.


Excellent volume, which provides an important contribution to our knowledge of ancient Jerusalem, enabling discussions to be based on finds – not speculations…



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