Just appeared: Conference proceedings on the LB/Iron Age transition

News has come out (thanks to Jack Sasson) that a volume which I co-edited (see here on the conference and the volume was previously mentioned here), the proceedings of a conference held at the University of Haifa two years ago, has appeared. The conference, and the volume, were a very nice collection of studies, textual and archaeological, on various aspects relating to the transition between the LB and the Iron Age in the Ancient Near East, with a wide range of studies on a broad range of topics.

The full title of the volume is:

Galil, G., Gilboa, A., Maeir, A. M., and Kahn, D., eds. 2012. The Ancient Near East in the 12th-10th Centuries BCE: Culture and History. Proceedings of the International Conference held at the University of Haifa, 2–5 May, 2010. Alter Orient und Altes Testament 392. Münster: Ugarit-Verlag.

Needless to say, I have an article in the volume as well (“Insights on the Philistine Culture and Related Issues: An Overview of 15 Years of Work at Tell eṣ-Ṣafi/Gath”), but there are many very interesting and important studies besides this (see here for the TOC).

Special mention should be made of Gershon Galil (Haifa), who was the main force behind the appearance of this volume!

Check it out!