New Iron Age cistern in Jerusalem

Reports are out on a recently discovered Iron Age water system from Jerusalem, right near the Western Wall. As noted in the article, it is quite similar to water systems at other Iron Age sites (such as Tel Sheva and Tel Beth Shemesh). I wonder if it is 7th cent. as well?

This evening, I’ll be at the Annual City of David Conference (chairing a session) and hope to hear more details about this.

UPDATE: This evening (Thursday, September 6th), at the meeting in the City of David, Eli Shukron briefly described the very interesting cistern and showed a short film about it as well. In addition, he expanded on the very interesting new evidence that apparently significant portions of the Western Wall post-date Herod the Great, and were built in the early 1st cent. CE.

This and the other papers at the meeting were VERY interesting!


OK – now we need a water system at Gath – enough is enough!



3 thoughts on “New Iron Age cistern in Jerusalem

  1. This was an amazing find. I am hoping that next time I visit Israel that it will be open to the public. We were near it when we visited the Jerusalem Archaeological Park next week. Our tour guides were discussing where it was found while standing near the Western Wall.


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