A sherd of “Trojan Grey Ware” from Safi!

The Trojans are coming!

This week, a sherd apparently belonging to the so-called “Trojan Grey Ware” was identified in the lab (by yours truly…) from among sherds of a mid-Iron Age I context in Area A.

This ware, which is typical of NW Anatolia, has been reported in quite a few contexts in the eastern Mediterranean at the very end of the Late Bronze Age and the beginning of the Iron Age, and represents evidence of the interesting processes going on at the time.

Several such sherds have been found in the region of Philistia, including at Ekron and at Lachish.

While the sherd from Safi was not found in a context that is contemporary with the actual dating of this ware, it is a nice addition to the imported pottery types found at Safi. Hopefully, sometime in the future, we will find some in a primary deposition!



P.S. And to save the snide remarks – NO, this does not have ANYTHING to do with prophylactics…

One thought on “A sherd of “Trojan Grey Ware” from Safi!


    Gee! And I thought all along that it did have something to do with prophylactis! Silly me!
    Actually, I benefited from the explanation you gave on Trojan Grey Ware. Thanks, Aren, for helping me to better unnderstand the mysteries you and the team uncover. It sheds so much light on Biblical archaeology…the places…the people…the tie-in to Biblical truth.


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