And now, finally, it’s “after the holidays”…

Today, is the first day after the long set of holidays that Jews celebrate in the fall – Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. All told, this goes on for 3 weeks, and very often one gets the feeling that (at least in Israel), large parts of the world are on hold, waiting for אחרי החגים (=after the holidays) so as to get back to full swing.

So – “after the holidays” is here – and now there are no more excuses for anyone….





P.S. Not to mention that by the time all these holidays are over, one is sort of happy that there is a “break” until Hanukkah!

One thought on “And now, finally, it’s “after the holidays”…

  1. In the US our holidays are a bit shorter, but are a bit closer together toward the end of the year. However, the run-up to Christmas starts earlier every year. We have had Christmas decorations for sale in stores for more than a month already.


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