View of Ancient Gath in a preview to a forthcoming movie

Todd Bolen (thanks Todd!) has given the heads-up for a preview clip on a new movie about David the warrior (Lion of War), which, what can we say, is very liberal in its interpretation, and understanding of the text, the relevant surroundings, and the actual material culture. In addition to mentioning “Sha’arayim” as a powerful Philistine site captured by David and his men, look at 5:07 in the clip (below), and see how they envision what Gath looked like at the time!

(Now boys and girls – what wrong with this?)

Another day in fairy tale land…





7 thoughts on “View of Ancient Gath in a preview to a forthcoming movie

  1. Hawaii!?!! A movie loosely based on events in Israel is set in Hawaii!? Also, I think everyone realizes Gath is not Ashkelon-it is not on the seacoast! Azekah would do as well as or better than Shaarayim in this movie. There is nothing in Israel that looks like the Hawaiian lava fields (the closest parallel I know of would be Golan Heights). My prediction: best case scenario: something like 300 (2006 movie). Worst case scenario: something like Sucker Punch (and this movie going in that direction is very much a possibility).


  2. Hello everyone,
    Thanks for chiming in. The film is a mass audience entertainment event, it’s not a documentary of the actual locations. It’s about the story and themes of the Biblical narrative, not a shot-for-shot glimpse. We do hope that this project raises awareness of the “real” work you are doing. Thanks for taking the time to watch it.


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