Lecture by Assaf Yasur Landau

Today, in the MA seminar that I’m giving at BIU, Dr. Assaf Yasur-Landau, of the University of Haifa, gave an excellent talk on his views of Canaanite society in light of his fantastic excavations at Tel Kabri. The lecture was very interesting – and Assaf had a number of very interesting, and to a certain extent, groundbreaking ideas, about the structure of Canaanite society. I won’t go into any more details – since it is for him to publish these ideas…


One thought on “Lecture by Assaf Yasur Landau


    Fascinating work at the Tel Kabri site…great photos…great explanations. In that respect it is comparable to the great work you guys do at Safi/Gath. What wonderful things you are doing to bring biblical history to life through excavating. It is so appreciated!


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