Now that the cease fire seems to be holding…

Well, thank g-d a cease fire has been declared and that it appears to be holding.

I have heard an unconfirmed report that the Palestinians even shot a missile at Tell es-Safi/Gath! I’ll have to check this out, but perhaps someone in the Hamas does not like what we are finding at the site? (is nothing sacred? :-)

UPDATE: Uri Kaizer, the warden for the Tell es-Safi/Gath region from the Israel Nature and Parks Authority has informed me that the missile did not hit the site, but rather fell a km or two to the west.

In any case, I pray that things will stay quiet and we can all get back to living our regular lives.

I would be nice if in the future, when describing the period following this last round of fighting, the following could be said: “The land was quiet for forty years”…


7 thoughts on “Now that the cease fire seems to be holding…

    1. arenmaeir

      Hi! It was great seeing you as well – even if only briefly. Glad you reposted the post – hope your readers find it interesting.



    “The land being quiet for forty years” would be heavenly, but alas, Aren, as you work, keep low and wear a helmet! To all of you, “BE SAFE!”


    1. arenmaeir

      Joel – I don’t think a helmet is needed. Even if the quiet is not kept, we are very far away from the usual areas of violence. It is only in extreme situations, such as this past week, when rockets fly far and wide…


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