Life on Mars? Bah! We have a fossilized Martian at Safi!

Now that the rumors that NASA will announce that “Curiosity” has discovered signs of life on Mars are getting stronger and stronger, I wanted to state that this does not excite us at the Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project that much.

That’s because we long ago found a fossilized head of a Martian at the site!

Here’s are frontal and side views of the Martian!





4 thoughts on “Life on Mars? Bah! We have a fossilized Martian at Safi!

  1. Peter van der Veen

    Amazing. So now we know that they were not only responsible for building the great Pyramids, they are actually the founder of Gath. Philistines from space…. When water got sparse up there they descended into the well watered Aegean and then wandered on to the Holy Land … What a story :-)



    Yep, that’s quite a story alright! I think some of them migrated to the U.S. and became politicians because some of them are just plain “out of this world.”


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