Update on the workshop at the Albright on Egyto-Canaanite relations

As mentioned previously, I participated, as a “listener,” in the very interesting workshop on relations between Egypt and the Southern Levant during the late Chalcolithic and EB I. Several very interesting talks were presented, at first focusing on the Polish excavations at Tell el-Farcha in the eastern Nile Delta (3 lectures), and then several others dealing with various aspects of the relations between Egypt and the Levant during this period presented by Israeli scholars, with a focus on the finds in Canaan.

The lectures were quite fascinating, and as someone who has not been intimately involved in the developments in the research of the late Chalcolithic and early EB in the last several years, I came out of this day with many new insights and became aware of a lot of research conclusions that has developed in recent years.

VERY interesting day!


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