Sale at Eisenbrauns on Ashkelon reports!

With the appearance of Vol. 4 of the Ashkelon reports (by Michael Press, on the Iron Age figurines), the nice folks at Eisenbrauns are offering all the Ashkelon volumes at excellent prices!

So, all of you who are interested in the archaeology of Philistia (and the Levant in general) – this is a great opportunity to get these important volumes (and no, I do not get a percentage of their sales…).

Now, clearly, while Ashkelon is only of peripheral importance in comparison to Tell es-Safi/Gath, nevertheless there are important materials at the site… ;-)



5 thoughts on “Sale at Eisenbrauns on Ashkelon reports!

  1. I think I will go the route of the free .pdfs when I want to learn more about Ashkelon :-). I have been reading the OT History books the last couple of months, so have seen the name a few times :-).


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