New article out on the Iron Age fortifications at Tel Burna

Just a few minutes ago, I received a pdf of the following, just-appeared article:

Shai, I., Cassuto, D., Dagan, A., and Uziel, J. 2012. The Fortifications at Tel Burna: Date, Function and Meaning. Israel Exploration Journal 62(2): 141–57.

In this paper, Itzik, Debi, Amit and Joe, all long-time members of the Safi team, who have branched out to work as well at the site of Tel Burna, discuss the newly discovered Iron Age fortifications at Tel Burna and their historical and archaeological significance.

Here is the abstract:

The first two seasons of work at Tel Burna have focused on revealing a segment of the fortification walls partially exposed along the perimeter of the upper tel. The discovery of a seventh-century BCE silo cutting the inner wall of the fortifications provides a terminus ante quem for the wall. This discovery, in conjunction with other finds from the excavations, presents us with a unique opportunity to explore the significance and meaning of fortifications and the fortified towns along the western border of ancient Judah.

Very interesting and important article – and they are to be highly congratulated for publishing these important results in such a quick and impressive manner!

Way to go!



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