News of an apparent Iron Age II temple at Moza, near Jerusalem

News is out today (and thanks to Joe Lauer for pointing this out) of a recently discovered cultic site, apparently a temple, that was recently excavated at Moza, which is just to the west of Jerusalem (right on the main highway to Tel Aviv). The structure and related finds are dated to the 8th cent. BCE. This is a very interesting find, evidence of Judahite cult outside of Jerusalem in the Iron Age II. I would not describe this as revolutionary, as there is evidence, both archaeological and biblical, that there was extensive evidence of Judahite cultic sites and even temples that were located outside of Jerusalem (such as Arad, Beersheba, Lachish). Nevertheless, it is a very important find, as it sheds light on various aspects of the cultic behaviors in Iron Age Judah.


Very interestingly, they provide pictures of the heads of two figurines, which are very similar to a figurine head that we found at Tell es-Safi/Gath!

This perhaps is yet another indication of the close cultural ties, and interactions, between the Philistines and Judahites in the Iron Age.