New volume on the Cemetery of Azor is out!

Today I recieved a copy of the just-appeared volume by David Ben-Shlomo on the excavations by M. Dothan in the ancient cemetery of Azor (just to the south of Tel Aviv) in 1958 and 1960. The publication of the materials from this excavation, which include important Iron Age tombs with Philistine material have been long-awaited, and David is to be thanked for doing all this hard work. Although the “ravages of time” have limited the information about all the materials, nevertheless, David has managed to collect, process, analyze and publish it quite admirably, adding extremely important information on burials from the EB, MB, LB, Iron I, Iron II and Medieval and Modern periods.

Well done!


The full title is:

D. Ben-Shlomo. 2012. The Azor Cemetery: Moshe Dothan’s Excavations, 1958-1960. IAA Reports 50. Jerusalem: IAA.



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