“Gath-han Style” – the origins of “Gangnam Style”

As it seems now that the Gangnam style clip is the most watched clip in the history of the world (over 1 billion views!), it’s time to reveal that the origins of this dance style is actually to be found with the Philistines, and its original name was “Gath-han Style”.

Clear cut evidence of this can be seen in the views of the Philistine captives taken by the Egyptians as they appears in the reliefs from the Medinet Habu Temple of Ramses III, showing that even when captured, the Philistines danced this special dance. In addition, secretly taken pictures of PSY, show him wearing the Philistine headgear!

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation חדש (2)


Oppan Gath-ham style!

(Here’s my attempt to write this in Korean based on “Google Translate”: 오빤 고양이 한 스타일)


P.S. Thanks to Amit for the idea and Merav Edrei for preparing the PP presentation…

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