When did the Philistines celebrate the new year?

Now with the civil new year coming around, I was just wondering (with no data to base a real opinion on):

When did the Philistines celebrate the new year? In the autumn? Around the winter solstice? In the spring?

Did they use the early Canaanite system of months used at first by the Israelites as well? Or did they use the numbered and/or Babylonian month system? Or perhaps they used a system imported from the Aegean?

Were there changes from what was kept in the early Iron Age to later in the Iron Age?

Damn Philistines – they didn’t leave us enough texts to answer this… (or at least, so far…)



One thought on “When did the Philistines celebrate the new year?

  1. Albert Benhamou

    I asked myself this question some while ago, and assume that the Philistines had the same calendar as their neighbours, all the Canaanite and Medianite tribes, which was lunar, starting in spring time, a month they called “Aviv”. It would have been complicated otherwise, to carry out commercial exchanges etc. if all neighbours had something different. Phoeniceans and all Canaanites had the same calendar. The Hebrews adopted it too when they left Egypt (where there, the calendar was solar, based on the sun-god religion). The “first month” is mentioned in Exodus 34 as being called “Aviv”. The Hebrews will much later adopt their final calendar, being solar-lunar, when they were exiled to Babylon. Then their first month became “Nisan”, as being the name used there.


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