Khirbet Qeiyafa’s surroundings about to obliterated!

Yossi Garfinkel has informed me that according to the current development plans of the city of Beth Shemesh they will build neighborhoods right up to the site of Khirbet Qeiyafa – in fact up to 20 meters or so from the sites fortifications! Not only will this ruin one of the nicest parts of the western Judean hills, it will block out the site and its surroundings, and even potentially destroy parts of the site that are outside of the Iron Age fortifications.

Yossi has sent me an example of these plans, as well as a computerized reconstruction of what the view around the site will look like if this actually comes thru! (go to the facebook page on this)

Anyone who appreciates the Natural and Human Heritage of the Land of Israel should sound the alarm about this!

Development plans around K. Qeiyafa

This is the development plan of the neighborhoods around Kh. Qeiyafa (which is marked in yellow).

Building up to Qeiyafa

And this is a computerized reconstruction of what it will look like – unless something is done to stop this!

Anyone that has any influence on the planning and governmental agencies involved – this is the time to act!