Safi lab team day in Jerusalem

This last Thursday (Feb. 7th), members of the Safi lab has a team-day in Jerusalem. We started in the morning with a great “insider’s tour” of the Western Wall tunnels, led by the archaeologist in charge, Dr. Avi Solomon (IAA). Although many of us had been there before (and I spent about 7-8 years there years ago as the IAA inspector), we were quite astounded at the fantastic finds over a large area. Room after room with splendid architectural remains from the Iron Age II onwards (various stages of the 2nd temple period, Roman, Byzantine, Early Arab, Crusader, Mamluke and Ottoman), including some absolutely fascinating finds (a possible Herodian nymphaeum, a Roman period latrine, etc.). After that, I had to leave the group (to prepare for the evening supper at my place) but they continued on to the Rockefeller Museum and Library.

In the evening, the entire group came over to my place – and we had a buffet supper party!

It was a lot of fun and was a great way to build “team spirit”. And, it was an opportunity for me to thank all the lab team members for their hard and devoted work!

IMG_0394Here, Avi Solomon (2nd from right) is explaining to us in one of the underground rooms.

IMG_0410And here we are looking, in amazement, at the decorated facade of what may be a Herodian period nymphaeon!

Safi lab team after supperAnd here’s a group picture at my place after supper!

Great day! Great team!


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