Quiz is solved!

The quiz that was posted two days ago has been solved!

Igor – you are right!!! :-)
This picture is a “pile of cookies – no cremos”, or Pyla-Kokkinokremos, the well-known LC IIIA site, excavated and published by Karageorghis and Demas (1984)!! It has been suggested by the excavators (and others) that this site is to be connected with new immigrants who arrived in Cyprus at the time, possibly connected to the Sea Peoples phenomenon.
And now Igor – write to me an email with your address (and shirt size!) – and we’ll send you a shirt !!

And just to make sure you understood, here is Pyla-Kokkiwitkremos! :-)

pile of cookies with cream

This worked so well – I think I’ll post archaeological riddles every so often!


6 thoughts on “Quiz is solved!

  1. Pyla-Kokkinokremos?! What a name!
    Mazal tov to Igor, who obviously knows his archaeology.
    Prof. Aren, thanks, this was fun! Please give us more such riddles.


  2. Igor

    Hi Aren,
    Thank you very much for the riddle!
    It was a great brain teaser!
    I’ve just sent you an email with my address.
    Pyla Kokkinokremos is indeed a really interesting site with a somewhat unique architecture and the three amazing hoards.
    Thanks again for the quiz, it was fun!


  3. Ilka Knuppel Gray

    Yes, please do some more riddles! I want to win a Tell es-Safi tshirt to show off to my friends. :)


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