Moving ahead the Safi II volume!

Today, on the drive down to Beersheva to attend the very interesting meeting in honor of Prof. Eliezer Oren’s retirement, a group of the Safi staff met at the coffee shop at Latrun to talk over where we stand as far at the next Safi excavation volume – Tell es-Safi/Gath, Vol. II!

Things are looking quite good and we have drafts for most of the more-or-less 10 chapters that will be in the volume. The chapters cover reports on excavations in various areas, as well as studies on specific topics related to the excavations.

We looked over text and figure/plate formats, and discussed the next deadlines for various materials from various contributors. Things are looking quite good – and it looks quite realistic to say that the volume will be ready for the publisher at the beginning of 2014!

Here is a picture of Joe, Shira and Amit looking over the materials. Look at the folder that Amit his holding – this may very well be close to what the inside cover of the volume may eventually look like! :-)

photo (5)












2 thoughts on “Moving ahead the Safi II volume!

  1. While zooming in on the volume cover, couldn’t help but notice the Goliath-sized toilet-paper dispenser in the background. They must serve some fairly tall orders of food in that shop!


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