Visit to Herod Exhibit in Israel Museum

Today, I visited the excellent exhibit on King Herod, currently on display in the Israel Museum. The exhibit is truly magnificent, as befitting any of the top-notch museums in the world. The excellent choice of exhibited objects (from many excavations in Israel and other Mediterranean countries, as well as from many private collections), very nicely arranged and explained, the beautiful reconstructions of architecture and wall paintings, and very very impressive digital reconstructions of many of sites, makes a visit to this exhibit truly memorable! This is an absolute must for all those visiting Israel – and might even be a justification for a special trip – if you have not seen the exhibit. The exhibit also has a very nice catalogue.

Although this was meant to be a Safi lab team tour, in the end, only Debi and I appeared at the museum in the morning! I hope the others, who have not yet had a chance to see the exhibit will go and see it.

Truly something not to miss!

photo (8)









Here’s view of Debi in front of the digital reconstruction of Herod’s tomb on the slope of Herodian.

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Here’s a view of the reconstructed inner room of the small theater on the slope of Herodian (see mentioned here), which was later covered over when Herod’s tomb was built. The walls are decorated with exquisite frescoes and architectural ornamentations –  which are very nicely reconstructed in the exhibit.

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And here is a partial view of the reconstruction of part of the royal tomb at the very end of the exhibit.

Do make an effort to see this exhibition!


P.S. We also went to take a quick peek at the Safi objects in the permanent exhibit (the awlt/wlt inscription; the lion-headed “head-cup”; and two phallic-shaped vessels) and although they were lonely and missed us, the seemed in the best of health… :-)

5 thoughts on “Visit to Herod Exhibit in Israel Museum

  1. Paul

    I emailed the museum and apparently the catalogue is (US) $75 not including shipping. It would need to be nice at that price, but I’ll never know…


      1. Paul

        It seems like a terrific display, which must have taken a lot of resources to put together, so I don’t resent the price of the catalogue. But it’s a shame that working class people won’t be able to enjoy it. (Especially those outside of Israel, who obviously can’t attend the museum in person). At least we have internet articles like this one; thanks! And maybe it will turn up second hand in the future; a few months ago I got a copy of Irit Ziffer’s catalogue “At That Time the Canaanites Were in the Land”, and it’s been very popular in the bars of Belfast!


  2. arenmaeir

    Paul – supposedly, the exhibition will begin a world tour in the fall of 2013. Perhaps it will reach London – or even Belfast…


  3. Paul

    Thanks for the information, Aren! (By the way, the exhibition catalogue for the “Treasure of Cultic Vessels – Tel Qashish” display at Haifa, curated by Avshalom Zemer, doesn’t appear to be listed online, but I also emailed about it and have ordered a copy for 9 Euros!)


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