3 Months in San Diego!

As of this Saturday night, I will be leaving for a 3 month sabbatical at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). During my stay there, I will give two classes (in the Dept. of Anthropology), one on weapons and warfare in the ancient Near East, and an advanced seminar on current debates in Levantine Iron Age archaeology. Should be fun!

In addition, I will be giving a few talks in San Diego, at other California locations, and at Brigham Young University – and if anyone would like to schedule a talk – do get in touch with me (see more info here).

Work at the Tell es-Safi/Gath laboratory at Bar-Ilan University will continue, with the excellent project staff continuing to work on their projects – and I will be in constant touch thru various electronic media.

And in between all this, I’ll try and get some research and writing done – and also get into a relaxed SoCal state of mind…

Needless to say – I’ll be back in early June – in time to finish up all the preparations for this summer’s dig.

Woohoo! :-)


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