Outstanding interest on the Blanche Garde!

In the last 24 hours, there have been over 1000 hits on the site – almost all from the UK – and most of them having to do with the Crusader period Blanche Garde fortress which is situated at the top of the tell – and which parts of its fortifications have been revealed over the last few years (with particularly nice sections discovered in the 2012 season).

Due to this interest, for those of you who would like to see all the entries on the blog on Blanche Garde – here is a link.


10 thoughts on “Outstanding interest on the Blanche Garde!

    1. arenmaeir

      I really don’t know why the sudden interest. In fact, there were just under 2000 hits on this page in one day!


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  2. Bill Prange

    Check out the book “Knight Crusader” by Ronald Welch and published in 1954 by Oxford University Press. It was written for adolescent boys, but I loved reading it even though I left puberty behind over 50 years ago. The author had a deep understanding of the period, the years surrounding 1187 AD, and teaches a great deal of (idealized) history in an action packed adventure story.
    Blanche Garde is the home of the hero of the story, Philip d’Aubigny, a crusader whose tomb was discovered in 1925. However, the connection to Blanche Garde may be fictional.


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