Whirlwind visit to WInnipeg

Just came back from a whirlwind visit (left Sunday morning and came back to San Diego Monday night) to Winnipeg, Canada, to visit Haskel Greenfield, his family, the Safi Manitoba team, and the University of Manitoba in general.

We had a very enjoyable and productive two days of meetings and having a good time. I even managed to bring some warm California weather with me up there – so we actually could walk outside and see some of the sights around town as well!

In addition to talking about all kinds of things relating to the large joint grant which we received from the Canadian SSHRC for the study of the EB at Tell es-Safi/Gath, we had a meeting with all the students from Manitoba who will be joining the excavation team this summer.

In general – it was a great visit.

Here’s a picture of Haskel and I by the Assiniboine River, just near the point where it meets the Red River, in downtown Winnipeg.


photo (2)

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