Lecture on Safi at La Sierra University

Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure to give a lecture on Tell es-Safi/Gath and the Philistines at La Sierra University in Riverside, CA, hosted by Doug Clark, Larry Geraty and Kent Bramlett from La Sierra, and the chairman of the Riverside chapter of the AIA, Denver Graninger (of UC Riverside).

This was a great chance to visit the area of Riverside, which has a very “Mediterranean” look to it (the countryside – not the architecture…). La Sierra U has a very beautiful campus and there is a very nice Center for Near Eastern Archaeology on campus, with a great collection of Near Eastern finds, including materials from the Madeba Plains Project in Jordan. I saw some finds from the excavations at Tall al- Umayri, including some very interesting Iron Age cultic “shrine models” (some decorated with figures) and we had some time to have some very interesting discussions on some of these finds.

Thanks to all those who hosted the visit, and to Matt and Monique Vincent who provided the transportation from and back to San Diego!



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