Lecture on Safi at William Jessup University online!

As mentioned previously, two weeks ago, I gave a lecture at William Jessup University. The lecture dealt with the excavations at Tell es-Safi/Gath, with a particular emphasis on the Iron Age and Philistine culture. This more than an hour-long lecture is now online and can be watched in its entirety!

Check it out – lots of information about the site, the finds, and our excavations!

Thanks to Cynthia for making sure that the lecture was put online!

UPDATE: Due to public demand, I’ve posted here a pdf version of the PowerPoint presentation that I presented with the lecture above. Do note that you will have to figure out what slide I’m talking about as the lecture moves along. Enjoy!

Searching for Goliath etc_William Jessup U_April 18_13


10 thoughts on “Lecture on Safi at William Jessup University online!

  1. andrew bell

    Thank you very much for posting the lecture. I can watch the video by saving the link to Vimeo. However, it would be nice to be able to save the video to my computer. Does anyone know how to save the file from the Vimeo link ?
    I use Windows 8. Also, thanks for the PDF on the slides.


  2. Jordan Wilson

    Thank You for posting. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sad how far off I was on my own interpretations of pronouncing some of the words. :-)


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