Offprint of article received!

As previously mentioned, a book edited by Ann Killebrew and Gunnar Lehmann on the Philsitines and Sea Peoples has just appeared. The volume includes many VERY interesting studies, dealing with a wide range of topics related to the study of the Philistines and the Sea Peoples.  Today, Ann kindly sent me the pdf of my article in this volume – I’m eagerly awaiting to see my copy of the entire volume!

It should be noted that the article was written in, and is updated for, 2003, and despite the editors’ heroic efforts, the volume in which it was meant to be published only appeared a decade later. Needless to say, since then, on the basis of newer finds and fresh understandings, much of what is discussed in this article is outdated (and these more updated publications have been noted in the blog). Nevertheless, it does present interesting materials and a summary updated for 2003.
The full reference is:
Maeir, A. M. 2013. Philistia Transforming: Fresh Evidence from Tell es-Sâfi/Gath on the Transformational Trajectory of the Philistine Culture. Pp. 191–242 in The Philistines and Other “Sea Peoples” in Text and Archaeology, eds. A. Killebrew and G. Lehmann. Archaeology and Biblical Studies 15. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature.