Things are beginning to roll!

Yesterday, we (Amit, Shira, Miriam and I) were at the tell in the morning, to get things really rolling towards the season.

We first had a meeting with the regional warden of the Nature and Parks Authority, Uri Kaizer, to go over the various points relating to our work this season – since as you may know the site is a national park. We then went to Kibbutz Revadim for some last moment discussions with Ofer and Merav (the staff of the kibbutz guest houses) to talk over details of the R&B at the kibbutz.

Then, we zipped back to the site, and had a visit from part of the Team of the Gezer Water System Project (from NOBTS), and then, Steve, Lisa and Yotam from the Kimmel Center met us to discuss details of their work during the season.

We then headed off for BIU, to the lab, where other team members were busy working on the preparations. And, finally, Haskel Greenfield and some of the Univ. of Manitoba team (Annie, Trent and Jeremy) came to the lab!

So – we had a good day preparing for the excavations – one more of the many hectic days ahead for us in the next two weeks!