Exodus Conference online!

Tom Levy has kindly informed me that the all the lectures that were presented at the conference on the Exodus at UCSD that I had mentioned previously, can now be viewed online on the new conference website. Do check this out – in addition to my lecture which I already mentioned, there are some excellent lectures to be heard! In addition, one can find other things related to the conference and the excellent exhibition that Tom curated in parallel.



One thought on “Exodus Conference online!

  1. Well, whaddaya know! I found all these videos on YouTube only yesterday and was planning to organize, comment on, and summarize them myself in a very, very long blog post. I’ve already seen, commented upon, and summarized Israel Finkelstein’s talk (which contains a very funny moment toward the end). Fortunately for all of us, the organization has already been done by the CALIT2. I still plan to do the summarizing and commenting.

    Also, your link to the conference website is broken.


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