First day in the field!

Today we had the first day in the field with the whole team. As usual, first days consist of a lot of cleaning, gardening and other not-always that fun activities, but by the end of the day, just about all the areas were ready to start full scale digging tomorrow morning! Overall, the various areas were in very good shape and the geotechnic tarps really did help preserve the areas.

Big kudos to all the team members who worked really hard today and hopefully, with tomorrow morning, all areas will be excavating away with fresh discoveries!

Here are a couple of fotos from the work in the field today:









Here’s a view of the team unloading equipment from the trailer in a long bucket chain

Area E team getting acquainted








Here’s the Area E team getting acquainted with one another

view of area D and lower city from top of tell








A nice view of the lower city (and Area D) from the top of the tell (right near the remains of the mosque)


Jeff explaining to the F team








And finally, Jeff is giving the intro explanation to the Area F team!


The fun has just begun!



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