Day 2 – the finds start popping out! :-)

Today we started full scale digging in the various areas, and as expected, the finds started appearing all over.

In Area D, as usual, the finds were right on surface, and after just a few minutes of work, remains of various vessels started appearing!

leslie with finds in D day 2





























Area D day 2









Here are some views of the work in Area D


In Area P, they started breaking ground on new squares to expose additional sections of what we hope is an LB wall – and work further in providing an absolute dating for the wall.

Area P team day 2








digging the LB wall in P - day 2











And here some views from P


In Area A, they are working in the Iron I and II, and among other finds, may have come upon an interesting Iron IIA hearth, and a very thick layer of phytoliths, perhaps evidence of an animal pen.









Area A 2nd day digging









That’s a partial view of A


In Area E, they are working on several new squares (expanding the area) and on several old ones. Among other things, they sectioned a very interesting installation in which last year, a large amount of botanical remains were found.


In Area F, excavations have started as well, both in upper and lower F, but so far it has been mostly cleaning old squares. Hopefully, tomorrow, we will get into the “goodies”.

trying to figure out the total station in F day 2









And here is Debi, working on the total station in Area F.


Things are looking good – and hopefully, tomorrow – we will have much more to report!



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  1. Linda Hambling

    So proud of you young Kate (Area A). Keep up the good work – Much Love from Linda, the good looking one of the Dinamic Due (Just incase you have forgotton, I’m the one that moved to Tassie) – :)


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