Week 1, Day 3 – great finds!

We had another very nice day today!

In Area A, they are working away in quite a few squares and they have some very interesting finds. This includes several areas with interesting concentrations of phytoliths, a very well made stone pillar base on secondary use, and what seem to be a large overturned basalt bowl

In Area P, the highlight of the day was a stone EB mace head – perhaps of Egyptian origin – found right on top of the supposedly LB city wall (the former clearly in secondary deposition).

In Area E, they were working on several EB surfaces, including one with several large fragments of EB vessels, as well as sectioning an installation in which many botanical remains were found.

In Area F they are working away in all areas in various periods (EB, Iron IIA, Iron IIB, Crusade) and we hope to have some nice Iron Age contexts in the next few days.

In Area D, as usual, the finds are popping out – right on the surface! The three new squares have already produced scores of finds – mere centimeters below surface!

Here are some pictures:

Adi and Johanna sectioning and sampling the installation in Area E:

sectioning installation in Area E








Here is some of the EB pottery from Area E:

EB pottery in E








Here is Ahuva with some of the finds, on surface, in Area D:

Ahuva and finds in Area D 3rd day









And finally, here is Sharon excavating the EB mace head in Area P:

sharon excavating mace head in P








Great day!


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