Update for day 4, week 1

Once again, a nice day all around on the tell!

I’ll first start with Area F, who have been feeling left out…

The F team have been progressing nicely – and showing much potential… :-)

Actually, they have a lot of nice stuff coming out. A very nice section of the Crusader fortification has been exposed!

See here Jeff, Yoel and Renana standing next to it:

Jeff Yoel and Renana next to Crusader wall in F

The rest of the team is working on Iron IIa and IIb, and down in lower F on what appears to be LB levels. Also, don’t forget the RWB ware from the last post!

The Area E team is working mostly in the EB, with several very nice surfaces and installations (even though they had to call the Area F team to help them move a big rock…), and in the two new squares, so far, they seem to have LB – and hopefully below it there will be some EB as well!




Here is some of the sifting in E:

Sifting in Area E

Area P is working in and around the supposed LB wall. Although we have not yet found its continuation to the west or east, we have not yet given up! Also, the deep sounding to the south of the wall, in the fill abutting it, so far is clean EB

Louise’s team in Area A has a lot of nice finds, including a nice basalt mortar, a bead or two, a great concentration of olive pits found right below a late 9th cent. BCE wall. Altogether, we seem to be on the way to putting together a great sequence of well-stratified 14C dates from the late 9th BCE and backwards into the mid-LB.



Here is Claire with the basalt mortar:

Claire and mortar from Area A











Here is Haley with a bead she found:

Haley with bead from Area A








That’s me “surfing” on the nice pillar base that they found yesterday in A:

Aren surfing the pillar base

And finally, in Area D, in continuation of the previous days – the finds are continuing to pop out!










Here is Carl brushing around some vessels that he uncovered:

Carl cleaning up around some vessels

All told – a great day – and almost the end of the 1st week!


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