And yes, another great day! (week 2, day 4)

What can I say – things are going well!

Today, we had some very great finds all around. This includes:

1) What seems to be more and more that the city wall in Area P was founded in the EB (and it is getting deeper and deeper), but it was reused extensively in the LB.

2) In Area F, we have nice evidence of the 8th and 10th cent in Upper F, while in Lower F there is a great stratigraphic and architectural sequence of the Iron I and LB – which might yet go down to the MB – all right inside the city wall.

3) In Area E we appear to have solid architectural remains in the two news squares on the eastern side of the area – which is great, since we were originally concerned that these areas might have eroded away with the slope.

4) In Area A, there were quite a few nice finds today, of which we can note a very beautiful faience amulet in the shape a baboon, a depiction of the Egyptian god Thot, as well as a full profile of an Iron I bowl.

5) In Area D, we excavated a group of Iron IIA vessels in the “Hazael” destruction, including a couple of chalices and other vessels. In addition, we found a very nice, well preserved tabun. Additional evidence of metal working was found and Adi worked on trying to define these activities.

We had two very nice visits. In the morning, Prof. Moshe Kaveh, present president of BIU came to the site with 3 of his grandchildren and they spent the day excavating with us. They have already been at the site several times before, and as always – they had a great time!

Later during the day we were also visited by Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz, former Minister of Science, who will be the next president of BIU – who came with his family as well – and they also had a great time!

Here are some pictures from the day

Here is Haley with the Iron I bowl
Haley with Iron I bowl










Here is Kate with the faience figurine

Kate with Baboon










Here are the vessels in Area D and also MiYoung with a T-shirt with a similar vessel…

Chalices and other vessels in D









MiYoung and chalices









Here is Prof. Kaveh with Adi and I – as we explain about the tabun

Kaveh with Tabun









And finally, here is Prof. Kaveh and his grandkids, and yours truly!

Kaveh and grandkids