Week 3, day 1

Today was the first digging day of the 3rd week, and we already have some really cool finds from today!

In Area F, they are excavating away in the late 8th cent. BCE destruction level – most probably associated with the conquest of Sennacherib in 701 BCE. At the same time, they are also digging in the 9th cent. BCE Hazael destruction level (as we have in Area D as well). So, if you want to get an archaeological picture of what the destruction of a city looks like (in light of the fact that today is the 9th of Ab – the fast day on which Jews commemorate the destruction of Jerusalem of the first and second temple periods) – we have compelling and at times dramatic evidence of just such a type of event! In addition, there are some very interesting remains of the early Iron Age and the Late Bronze Age in Area F.

In Area P, we continue to work on the impressive EB city wall – and today we definitely have its continuation in both the western and eastern squares in the excavation. Also, in the deep sounding on the outside of the wall – the foundations of the wall go deep down. On the other, inner side of the wall – we continue to find impressive LB remains. In fact, today, in the pottery reading, we seem to have found a fragment of a LB Late Cypriote decorated pithos – unfortunately from a poor context…

Here is Andrew deep inside the sounding that he dug, all by himself, outside of the EB wall:

Andew in the deep sounding in P








In Area A they continue to work on the early Iron I levels. In some of the soundings they are finding LB below the Iron I – while in others they are finding EB! Tomorrow, the Australian ambassador will be visiting the site – to say hello to the large Aussie team led by Louise. Louise and her team are already preparing the flags and inflatable kangaroos and wallabies for the visit! And by the way – the South Korean ambassador will be visiting the site on Wednesday!

Also, the archaeological science team, both in A and in E, were busy today analyzing various finds and contexts.



Here is Yotam, Adi, Francesca and Brianna working in the field lab:

Yotam Adi Francesca and Brianna doing microarchaeology in the field








In Area E the EB is being further exposed, with some very interesting installations – including one with a very unusual plaster adhering to it.

In Area D we have additional very impressive remains of the Hazael destruction, including an additional chalice (of unusual, large dimensions) as well as further evidence of the impressive architectures of the pre-9th cent. layers.

Here is the large chalice and next to it a jar in the destruction level. Note that this chalice (so far, only the bowl) was found just underneath the two chalices that I mentioned last week.

Jar and large chalice in D








And here is a picture of Ahuva, Sophie and Barbie, posing next to the finds:

Ahuva Sophie and Barbie next to finds in D









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