Australian ambassador visits the site!

Today, although it was the 9th of Ab and some of the team members did not excavate since they were fasting, those that were not fasting did work on site (I’m fasting but went up to the site for a few hours). As I mentioned yesterday, we were visited today by the Australian ambassador to Israel, Mr. Dave Sharma, who came to the site for about 3 hours to see the Australian team members (also the University of Melbourne team, but a few additional Aussies working in other areas as well).

Louise and I gave Dave (and his mother in law who joined him for the day) a tour of the site, and invited him to join us for breakfast as well.

Here’s a group picture of all the Aussies (including two blowup kangaroos) along with me on the right hand side right next to the ambassador.

Aussies from all areas with Australian ambassador

Following his visit to Tell es-Safi/Gath, Dave went on to visit the Aussie team working at nearby Tel Azekah – who started excavating this week.



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