Great day (again…)

Well, what can I say, it was a great day (again…)!

First of all, we had a whole bunch of visitors. It started with a large group of tour guides who came to the site to hear about what is going on and to dig for a little. Then, the ambassador to the Republic of South Korea, Mr. Ilsoo Kim, paid us a visit, in particular due to the Korean group that is working the site, led by Dr. MiYoung Im. Following that, we had a visit to the site by Prof. Ami Mazar and Prof. Pierre de Miroschedji, who received an extended tour of the site  and then came to Revadim to look at some of the finds from this season.

And what about archaeology? We also has a nice share of that!

In Area A, the highlight of the day was the discovery of complete, decorated ivory bowl, from an Iron I context! From what we can see, it is decorated on the lip with holes for attaching the lid.

Here you can see all of us (including, Louise, me, Ami and Pierre, and Sarah who is brushing around it) looking at the bowl in situ:





Looking at ivory bowl in situ









In Area P, they seem to have reached the bottom of the EB wall, and perhaps there is even some earlier architecture below it.


In Area F, one of the most interesting finds is what seems to be a roof beam in the late 8th cent. destruction level.

roof beam in 8th cent destruction level








In Area A, they found some more vessels in the 9th cent. destruction level, but in addition, found some nice Iron I pottery (including Philistine Bichrome) from the pre-9th cent. BCE level.


In Area E, among other finds, a well preserved room made of mudbricks is being exposed, most probably relating to an earlier phase of the EB III.


All told – great day!



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