Ivory bowl (?) from Area A!

Today, we had an exciting day in Area A working on the ivory object, most probably a decorated bowl, that was found in the early Iron Age levels. This object, which was only partially exposed, seems from the initial view to be either a bowl with a decorated rim and bar handle, or perhaps a lid (but other suggestions have been raised as well). Due to its fragile state, we did not expose it completely, but rather brought in a conservator, Gali, from the zoology lab of the Hebrew University, who along with some of the team from Area A, carefully excavated the sediments around the bowl, and then removed it in a “block”, covered in bandages of “plaster or paris”, so that it could be removed in one piece to the lab and there Gali will slowly “excavate” it and conserve it. Hopefully, within the next month or two, when she finishes working on it, I’ll post a picture of it on the blog.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the meticulous excavation and removal of this very special object:

carefully excavating the bowl Yotam sampling around the bowl








Sarah and Yotam digging around it and sampling the sediments


Sarah and the bowl bowl being removed












Sarah admiring the bowl and Richard taking pictures


bowl wrapped in tin foil












Gali and Sarah wrapping the “block” with tin foil and Plaster of Paris

picking up the block

Ron and Gali turning over the block












Ron and Gali digging under and turning over the block


bowl put in box Bowl in the box












Slowly but surely – completely removed and packed away in a box!


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  1. Sarah Klavins

    I was searching for inner peace after listening to five different sets of instructions from five different specialists!!!!!


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