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For those of you who read Hebrew, or are willing to look at the pictures, an article on this season’s excavations just appeared on the online version of the Israel newspaper “Maariv”. Although not everything written there is 100% accurate – we got some great PR – especially regarding the handheld XRF spectrometer that Prof. Moshe Kaveh, president of Bar-Ilan University, has promised to purchase for the excavation! As of next year, when we will have both the XRF and the Fourier Transform IR spectrometer (the latter which we have already been using for several years) on the excavation, we will have in-the-field analytic capabilities, at the atomic and molecular level, which I believe are unmatched anywhere in the world!


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  1. Aren, this is indeed fantastic. Only please, never forget the good old optical microscope, as without micromorphology our shots with the FTIR and the pXRF are devoid of true context and merely become comparable with shots in the darkness. Needless to say, you have both the facilities and the highest level of personnel to perform it.


  2. arenmaeir

    Yuval – you are of course correct – and we do use a “good old” optical microscope in the field and in the lab “at home” as well!


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