First views of what we did this morning!

Here is the first installment of pictures (and later videos) of what we were doing this morning:

We dressed up as Philistines (thanks to the costumes from the Ashdod Museum) and paraded to the top of the site. There we set up a fire beacon to signal Azekah, but alas, as the ostracon from Lachish already told us years ago – we could not see their beacon!

In any case, we sacrificed a young child to Patgaiah to help us with the beacon (did not help too much…), and then gave the Philistine hoorah to cheer things up!

sacrificing boaz greenfield










the philistine cheer

2 thoughts on “First views of what we did this morning!

  1. Peter van der Veen

    Frightening lot ;-) In Dutch we say “de Filistijnen over u” which is a quote from the book of Judges when Delilah says to Samson “The Philistines upon you”. In Holland the expression is used among other for nasty kids who come to visit you and destroy your living room. Well the lot above here is surely not a nastly lot, knowing you :-)


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