The fire signals of Gath!

In the Welcome expedition to Lachish (in the 1930’s), a group of letters from the end of the Iron Age were discovered. In letter no. 4, we read that the beacons of Azekah could not be seen.

This week, in 2013, we decided to check this out! Along with the cooperation of the Azekah team, we decided if we can take this letter seriously.

We are happy to announce that the letter is correct! We could not see the beacons of Azekah…

Nevertheless, we did have a lot of fun – and this can be seen in the clip below



P.S. If you need evidence that the Philistines’ culture, socio-political organization, and leadership, is more advanced than that of the Israelites, see the following link for the definitive proof (when compared to the clip above…)

One thought on “The fire signals of Gath!

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