About to wrap up the 2013 season!

We are wrapping up the 2013 season – one of the most productive, interesting and overall great seasons we have had since the project began (in 1996…).

I’ll write up a summary of the main points of this season at a later date – but believe me – it was truly a fantastic season!

Today, we more or less finished all that had to be finished. After the early morning aerial photos, all the various areas were covered over in geotech clothes – to protect the architecture, balks and other features from the winter ravages – and to clearly mark off the end of this season’s excavations. The areas now look like they are ready to hibernate for the winter.

At the same time, all the materials and equipment were packed up – and were either stored in our containers at Revadim, or sent back to Bar-Ilan University. This took several trips back and forth to the university – but it also have some of the team members who had not been in our lab an opportunity to visit our very nice facilities.

I drove up to Jerusalem to deliver the ivory “bowl” (or lid, or whatever) which we had excavated in a “block” last week, to the Israel Antiquities Authority offices in Jerusalem, were it will be kept in a controlled environment until Gali, the conservator can “excavate” it from the block (hopefully in about a month).

Soon, we are going to have the final party – and tonight and tomorrow morning we will be saying our goodbyes – until next year.

I want to thank all the great staff and team members for a superb season. I am blessed and fortunate to be able to work with such a nice and dedicated group of people – and I hope that all of you have enjoyed the season as much as I did.

And as some of the team have already told me – we can start already the countdown for next year – see you all in 2014 – from June 28th to July 25th!




Here’s a picture of Area A – all dressed up for the winter…

Dressing up Area A for the winter

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  1. arenmaeir

    Stone are one of the things that are not missing at the dig…
    The object is a stone basin, part of an olive press from the 9th cent destruction level


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