Article on new “Archaeological Science” applications at Tell es-Safi/Gath

An article appeared today in the Jerusalem Post on the new handheld XRF spectrometer that the project will be receiving, courtesy of the president of Bar-Ilan University, Prof. Moshe Kaveh. Although the article gets a few things mixed up, such as –  It’s XRF not XRS, and it’s a “Handheld XRF” and not a “handheld infrared spectrometer” – overall, the article does give a nice feeling of the new in-the-field analytic capabilities that we will have as of next season (the XRF is in the process of being ordered and we should have it within a month or so). Not only will we have the FTIR spectrometer and optical microscopy which we have been using for the last 7-8 years, but now a XRF as well, which provides the ability to identify the composition of many materials at the atomic level.

In addition, these instruments will be set up and used in the project lab at BIU, so we will be able to benefit from these analytic capabilities year round.

UPDATE: See now the nice “plug” on this that appears on the BAS website.


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