Melbourne report 2

Today, my 2nd day in Melbourne was quite nice as well. Not only was the weather great (sunny all day – I brought sunshine from Israel in my suitcase…), I had another very productive day working with Louise. In the last two days, we have moved substantially ahead on 3 different article! Not bad!!!

This afternoon, I gave two lectures. The was a talk on new insights on the Philistines in light of the excavations at Tell es-Safi/Gath, which was presented to a departmental seminar of the Classics and Archaeology dept. Following that, I have a “capstone” lecture to the students of Classics and Archaeology on how one goes about organizing an archaeological expedition – with a lot of personal experiences of mine. Both lectures went very well.

We then went out for a very nice supper with Louise and some friends and colleagues.

All told  – a great day!

Here’s a picture of me giving the lecture on the Philistines:

Arening lecturing in Melbourne 13_8_13









And here I am in the “capstone” lecture:

Arening lecturing in Melbourne at Capstone lecture 13_8_13